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State-of-the-Art Micro Optic Solutions

Lumenco’s core competency revolves around creative abilities to that allow the creation of micro-optic solutions for industries from currency anti-counterfeiting to solar energy.  From this foundation, Lumenco™ has generated a large IP portfolio with patents in light diffusion and management, anti-counterfeiting, micro mirror reflectors, screen technologies, thin film solar devices, and ultra-lightweight electromagnetic shielding for aircrafts and aerospace.

Commercialization of Lumenco’s technologies requires cooperation from its valuable licensees and partners in currency, brand protection, lighting and solar (to name a few).  Lumenco’s focus is the development of new technologies and licensing those technologies to appropriate commercial partners.

Lumenco™ continues to expand its horizons in optical parts to new films that enhance the performance of existing solar panels and new stand-alone thin film solar products that are efficient, colored to match the environment and reflect unwanted heat. Other new products include injection molded brand enhancement and brand protection products that are sustainable, create vibrant 3D imagery and require no extra materials by embossing the technology directly into the package.