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Corporate Responsibility

Sustainability, Ethics, and Corporate Responsibility

At Lumenco, innovation isn’t just about enhancing and protecting our customers’ brands. It’s about protecting our natural environment as well. As part of our focus on sustainability:

  • We are constantly developing new eco-friendly technologies to lessen our impact on the environment; improve sustainability across the supply chain; and minimize the carbon footprint of our operations.
  • Our technologies make no use of toxic or environmentally hazardous chemistry, or rare earth minerals.
  • Our technologies don’t add materials or plastics to the supply chain. In fact, in many cases, they provide a net reduction of materials used across production and packaging processes. For example, we’ve enhanced our injection molding ability to enable surface features without added layers of film.
  • They are also sustainable in recycling streams, using the same consumables/materials (molds, polymers, etc.) as normal production processes, and no extra energy resources.

Ethical business practices are the core of our company. We strive to operate in all respects consistent with the highest moral, legal, and ethical standards.

That focus on ethical business extends to the abilities our technologies extend to our customers. For example, our anti-counterfeiting technologies enable our customers in:

  • The pharmaceuticals, healthcare, cosmetics, and personal care industries to protect their brands from counterfeiting, assuring their consumers that the products they are using are safe and effective.
  • Those and other industries to utilize tamper-evident packaging, assuring consumers that the product they are buying is not only authentic but also has remained properly sealed, without damage or intentional tampering, from production to the point of consumption.
  • The automotive, agricultural, and other sectors to assure their buyers that the parts, fluids, and other products they purchase are authentic, safe, effective, and meet manufacturer specifications for quality and performance.

Contact us with any questions you may have about our commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices.

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