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Cold Fusion™ Solar Technology

solar panels

Our Solar Nano Holes

Allows small wavelengths to enter the absorber and reflects longer ones

Endless Possibilities

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Cold Fusion™

Our Cold Fusion™ film integrates onto solar panels, increasing panel efficiencies up to 35% and decreases the temperatures of panels by more than 50° Fahrenheit. The Cold Fusion™ technology reflects 85-90% of the IR or heat, while allowing over 90% of the visible light to be “trapped” to create energy and lets the panel operate efficiently at a much lower temperature thereby increasing efficiency.

Our Solar Technology

The film has nano holes surrounded by encapsulated aluminum allowing wavelengths of 950 nanometers or smaller to enter the absorber while the longer wavelengths are reflected. Other unique microstructures help trap the visible light using Total Internal Reflection (TIR).