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Our Patents

Our advanced, multi-dimensional micro-optics technology is backed by an extensive portfolio of intellectual property (IP). As a global leader in brand identity and anti-counterfeiting brand protection, Lumenco hold more than 40 patents for micro-facets, micro-structures, and micro-lens technology.

The technology enabled by these patents goes beyond the limitations of 2D substrate to create unique, 3D brand identity packaging, films, molding, animation, and effects not achievable with traditional holography. It has virtually unlimited applications in molding, labeling, and films, and has been applied in dozens of industries and use cases, including currency, IDs, and commercial product packaging. 

Our team of engineers and designers work collaboratively with our customers’ brand managers and packaging VPs and directors to create unique and visually arresting brand mark designs that differentiate their products through packaging and identification which is innovative, sustainable, and virtually impossible to duplicate.  

Contact us to discuss how we can apply our patented IP to create an exclusive, customized solution for your brand.

Lumenco — Strength through Security. Security through Innovation.