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Our Features

Strength through security.
Security through innovation.

Endless Possibilities

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Lumenco’s foundation was started with micro-optic currency features. This is a difficult field full of well-established competitors, intellectual property, and technologies. As a small company, entry into this field with a host of large companies as dominant players was unlikely. Despite these challenges, Lumenco has developed a portfolio of innovative technologies and intellectual property. After ten years of development and refinement, Lumenco has established partnership ventures with Koenig and Bauer Banknote Solutions, and other licensees such as Leonard Kurz.  These companies are two of the largest banknote companies in the world.

As a former contractor of the United States Bureau of Engraving, Lumenco developed several new key technologies and continues to develop and innovate. These technologies will be the state of the art in banknote anti-counterfeiting for the next 20 years and beyond.

Our scientists are constantly upgrading current features as well as conceptualizing new technologies.

Brand Identity and Brand Protection

Through our subsidiary, Nanopixel, Lumenco continues to innovate and focus on the crossover of these industries.  Rather than just brand protection and security, Lumenco realized that the dynamic anti-counterfeiting features created were more than just for protection, but also presented visually exciting images that could be part of the brand identity for our customers.  Through this technology, dynamic eye-catching 3D and animation has been created for packaging.  While distinctly different from currency features, these technologies provide recognizable messaging and, in some cases, are achieved as part of the package without the addition of new materials.