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Lumenco Clarify-LED Diffusion and Light Management


Our LED Diffusers

Lenticular lenses to control the horizontal disbursement of light.

Endless Possibilities

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The LED Challenge

LEDs are revolutionizing the lighting industry by increasing lumens and decreasing costs.  However, they have drawbacks as the diodes are extremely bright and create hot spots, and the light is difficult to diffuse and control. Traditional commercial and residential lighting diffusion elements are mostly low tech and do little to control glare and reduce hot spots and are exceedingly inefficient.  With new glare requirements either required or desired in commercial applications, a more high-tech solution is required.

Lumenco Clarify

More robust than holographic structures, Lumenco Clarify’s patented facet technology can be scaled from 15µ features to over 1000µ and tailored to each custom application and manufacturing process. Our software inputs standard .IES files for LED or other sources and provides optimized solutions for light shaping, collimation, or any custom output. With Clarify™, we are not limited by what is “industry standard” or what is available off-the-shelf. Nearly any design can be created in our software within hours or a few days.