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Our Currency Features

Lens-based anti-counterfeit features for the Banknote Industry.

Endless Possibilities

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Kinegram Dynamic and Susi Optics

Lumenco was founded as a banknote anti-counterfeiting company and continues to be active in the field. With more than a dozen patents in multiple countries in lens based and micro mirror-based platforms, Lumenco has become a valued technology provider for the industry worldwide.

Lumenco formed a joint venture with KBA NotaSys in 2017 (now Koenig and Bauer Banknote Solutions) wherein certain of its patents and technologies were licensed to the joint venture for commercialization into banknotes (LenSys Sarl in Lausanne Switzerland).  Koenig and Bauer Banknote Solutions provides over 90% of the equipment used to produce banknotes worldwide.  Through this joint venture, Leonard Kurz is a licensee of LenSys.  With this cooperation and Lumenco technology, Kinegram Dynamic was just launched in 2022.  Kinegram Dynamic is a lens-based feature developed by Lumenco and now is fully commercialized by Kurz.  Lumenco is proud to work with Kurz as one on the largest and best currency feature providers in the world.  Lumenco continues to support this effort and improve the technology.

Susi Optics is a printed lens-based feature designed for polymer banknotes.  It is a multi-colored feature with deep 3D and animation built into the banknote.  The feature is quite secure, relying on the technology of the Susi Simultan offset banknote press and its unique registration technologies for added security in this lens-based feature.