Traditional commercial and residential lighting conversions to LED opportunities are typically done by using thick diffuser elements and more traditional LED diffusers. In this process, the LED is focused directly onto the diffuser. This type of lighting typically has “hot spots,” wherein the light is too bright in certain areas for the viewer and not bright enough in other areas. In addition, more expensive, not to mention larger, LED lights are often used in combination with thicker diffusers made of various materials such as the “Lucite” brand plastics.

This current practice highlights the need for less expensive diffusers and LED strips, which tend to be more economical to manufacture and provide high quality LED lighting.

Additionally, LED strips can be used for bright, diffused light if the LED is pointed horizontally, not vertically (down) on the desired area to be lighted. In order to re-direct the light downward, and evenly light the desired area, the Lumenco LED Diffusion technology uses lenticular lenses to control the horizontal disbursement of the light. The shape and angle of the lens controls the light disbursement from the LED strip ranging from very narrow to very wide.

These lenses can be placed in rectangular, square, round, oval, or oblique lighting module shapes. The strips are modular, easy, and inexpensive to replace, and failure of one or several lights does not affect the lumen output noticeably.